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More than 30 years of experience in solar photovoltaics (pv) and over 14 years of business experience in China is a base which only a few persons can offer!
Do you plan the production of solar – silicon, ingots, wafer, solar cells or solar modules? Or do you need professional support for your activities in China?
Then I'm your perfect partner!

Consulting and engineering for new solar photovoltaic (pv) manufacturing facilities, conversions and extensions.
Establishing and maintaining business contacts in China.
Sales and marketing training for Chinese companies
Management - training for Chinese companies
Some words about me:
After several years of trading in pv solar technology and development of photovoltaic solar systems in 1986 began a close contact with Astro Power, USA, that time the leading manufacturer of manufacturing equipment for pv solar technology and a manufacturer of photovoltaic solar cells and pv solar modules. There I was thoroughly involved in the photovoltaic manufacturing and process technology for solar cells and solar modules, was given a deep insight into the photovoltaic research and development and there was a close cooperation for advice and sales of solar photovoltaic manufacturing machines in Germany.

1990 -1997 Co-operation with New Sun in Ottawa, Canada. Another wellknown designer and manufacturer of solar photovoltaic manufacturing equipment and pv technology.

Since that time, there is a close and trusting contact with Dr. Julio Bragagnolo and Prof. Raye Thomas, famous scientists and engineers in the photovoltaic solar  industry.

 Some of my projects:

1989 - 1990: Planning, technology transfer and advice on the development of pv solar module manufacturing company  "SOLARCON" in Bad Bentheim, Germany.

1993 - 1995 Consulting and technology transfer for the  photovoltaic solar module manufacturing line, "Solar Nord GmbH" in Wismar, Germany.  Establishment and training of the Solar Sales and Marketing - department.

1995 -1997: Planning, technology transfer and development of the photovoltaic solar module manufacturing line "RAP Mikrosysteme GmbH" in Wernigerode, Germany. Establishment, training and management of the solar sales organization.

1997 - 2006: My own company, "AIR THERM SOLARTECHNIK" in Erkerode, Germany, with a focus on solar photovoltaic (pv) R & D, manufacturing and export of photovoltaic solar systems, pv solar equipment for traffic, solar - street lighting and security technology, especially in Middle East. Consulting for new pv solar plants and solar technology in the United Arab Emirates.

2002 - 2007: Owner of the company "GSC German Solar Power System and Control Centre 'in Abu Dhabi, UAE. Planning and implementation of pv solar projects for the military, administration and for the palace. Consulting for new photovoltaic solar plants and solar projects.

2006 - 2008: Consulting and engineering for a new fully integrated pv solar factory, "Solar Plant Swiss AG" in Switzerland, planning, technology transfer and production facilities for a fully automated solar pv factory with all the manufacturing steps from silicon ingots and solar cells up to the high quality solar modules.
Visit all leading photovoltaic manufacturing machine suppliers, made product comparisons and the final selection of the best equipment.

2008 - 2009: raw material - sourcing ( Solar Grade Silicon UMG ) in China for a leading German solar pv company.

2008: Founding of "Walther Saalfeld Sourcing & Consulting" in Glarus, Switzerland.

2009 - 2013: Consulting for a Chinese solar grade silicon manufacturer ( UMG )

Contact: Walther Saalfeld

Mobile Europe: +41 796635913

Mobile China: +86 15801959803

e-mail: info(at)saalfeld.ch

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