Here are some investment opportunities in new high technology or/and photovoltaic solar companies in the renewable energy business.

Have in mind: Investments in new high technology companies are always a risk investment, but it is also the best chance to participate in a rapid growing new business with high profits. The here mentioned companies have an unique product or process expecting short term success in the market.

If you are seriously interested to invest, you can contact us at our Contact Page and we will connect you directly with the each responsible person. This is a free service, we are not responsible for success or any failure.

3D-Bulb: Light output ca 800 lumens, power: 230V/9W

3D-Bulb advanced: Light output 1200 lumens, power: 230V/11.5W

(effective brightness, non diffuse light, 360/320 °directly lighting)

Beam angle circular symetral 340 ° (backward facing patent pending), full beam angle!

Light Color 2700-8000 K

 Power off/on 1 million switching cycles

3 years warranty

Starting time 0 seconds

Effective Output ca. 120 Lumens / Watt

Pollutants no toxins, no mercury, RoHS certificate

Recycling 100%

Product is ready, market introduction in 2012 began successful.

New generation of LED bulbs passed all tests successfully: No aluminum heat sink anymore, 15W / 1.440 lm, weight 100g, shape and size similar conventional incandescent bulbs. Replacement for 60W / 75W / 100W incandescent lamps. Price similar to fluorescent energy saving lamps!

Accepted investments: 100.000.- CHF, 500.000.- CHF, 1.000.000.- CHF